HPE Storage Lightboards – A Cool Way To Present

Recently I was lucky enough to be involved in a skunkworks project for testing and validating ‘lightboards’ as a viable way to present concepts or features in a short, sharp, succinct way.

Whilst there’s a place for the ‘traditional, glossy marketing content’ to curated and published online, my experiences seem to be that many consumers and researchers want to find content that can quickly move from marketing to business benefits/outcomes in way that is ‘to the point’ – due to people’s inherent lack of attention span, and endlessly busy lifestyle.

Therefore, when the opportunity to be a curator for a ‘lightboard’ series for HPE came up, I jumped at the chance to be involved – and we ended up creating content in a single day which cover various topics, without endless marketing BS associated 🙂

So, without further ado, here are the final edited lightboards posted and available on YouTube. These focus on HPE’s Cloud Data Services portfolio, as well as Nimble’s CASL File System (including Storage Class Memory) and finally the newly announced Peer Persistence feature.

Until next time, be safe and stay Nimble 🙂

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