Renaming the ‘default’ Pool in HPE Nimble Storage with NimbleOS 5.1

One of my longest running requests to Nimble Engineering – which dates back to 2013 when we released Scale Out – was the requirement to rename the default pool name from the name…. default! When this feature was launched, we uncovered the concept of pools within the Nimble framework, as each array can reside within a single or shared pool, inside of an array group.

It’s one of those annoyances that bugs users – anyone that deployed a scale-out system of 2-4 arrays in a single group would be able to configure the pool names of the latter three arrays, but NOT the first array deployed in the group – they had to live with the first pool being called default – and no way to rename it!

In NimbleOS 5.1, it’s now possible to perform this workflow, either in the GUI or CLI. This can be done on a Group with anything from 1 to 4 arrays, you do not need to be scaling out for this workflow to be applicable! *Nick Rejoices!*

NimbleOS Hardware Window

Above, you can see that i’ve created a scale-out group called dHCI-vNMBL – as i’m doing some testing using the new dHCI technology (expect a blog coming up on that soon!).

Here, i’m using two virtual Nimble arrays however the functionality is the same with physical arrays. dHCI-vNMBL01 has the pool name called ‘default’, whereas the second array I introduced (dHCI-vNMBL02) has a custom name – something I was able to do whilst adding the array into the group.

Data Storage Window

To modify the name, first jump to the Manage->DATA STORAGE window. Next, select the POOL you want to rename, then click POOL ACTIONS and EDIT.

Editing the pool name

In the “EDIT POOL” window, you can rename the pool to something more relevant. I’m going to rename it to my array name – but you could call it Site-A, or a town, city, datacentre or even rack location should you wish.


And there we have it – the group management daemon has renamed our pool to the new name. This is a non-disruptive process and can be performed whenever you like (within reason!).

And here’s us looking back at the Hardware screen again, and you can see how the Pool Name now reflects the change we made.

Hope this helps you – please comment if you found it useful, or if you have any questions/comments!

2 thoughts on “Renaming the ‘default’ Pool in HPE Nimble Storage with NimbleOS 5.1

  1. Hi, i stumbled across this post during our Nimble dHCI setup.
    Please do not rename the default pool name since that’ll break the “NCM One-Click upgrade”
    You can however rename it back to “default”, start the one-click upgrade and revert that change afterwards.

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