HPE Technical Lightboards – Nimble, vVols, vSAN, Synergy, Composable & More!

I recently returned to the HPE lightboard recording studio (in a not-so-glamorous basement in a secret location off Fleet Street, London).

This time, we recorded videos focusing on how HPE Storage integrates and adds value into the wider HPE portfolio, and how one can start to build high performance infrastructure with a click of a button – something the server business term “Composable”.

Video 1 – Provisioning Composable Infrastructure with HPE Synergy & HPE Storage Solutions

In this video, we open with a discussion on what “Composable” is, how it is deployed & managed with HPE OneView, and how HPE Storage can attach to deliver high performance shared storage.

Video 2 – Dynamic Scaling of Composable Infrastructure with HPE Synergy & HPE Nimble Storage

This video dives deeper into how to scale Composable solutions dynamically with pools of high performance compute and storage, without introducing islands of resource.

Video 3 – Utilising Storage Policy Based Management (aka SPBM) for vSAN and Virtual Volumes (VVols) with VMware and HPE.

It’s possible to utilise VMware’s SPBM capability to deploy, manage and secure both shared storage and vSAN environments through a single policy driven workflow for the VM admin. This video touches on some of those ideas.

Do you have any thoughts or requests on what you’d like us to produce next? If so, please send me a message or comment below!

Happy holidays!

Nick Dyer

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