Nimble Storage & vSphere 7 Support

The beginning of April 2020 saw VMware release their 7th major release of vSphere – with a tonne of great features packed into the release. There’s a good blog from Jason Masse highlighting some of the features here.

Excitingly – HPE Nimble Storage engineering has tested & validated our VASA integration (vVols) and the HPE Nimble Storage Plugin for vSphere for use with vSphere 7.0 in the release of NimbleOS.

Any previous version of NimbleOS before will fail the registration/integration steps outlined in the HPE Nimble Storage VMware Integration Guide when trying to integrate with vSphere 7.0, and is therefore not supported – so please ensure you upgrade NimbleOS to or higher before you consider moving to vSphere 7.0.

Nimble Connection Manager PSP

We have also released a new version of HPE Nimble Storage Connection Manager (NCM) – which is Version 7.0. This is the first supported version of NCM for vSphere 7.0… any previous version of NCM is not validated. Therefore, please make sure NCM is part of your upgrade cycle, which you can stage and rollout as part of VMware Update Manager.

VMware SRM & vVols!

Possibly one of the biggest blockers to widescale vVol adoption has been the lack of integration with VMware SRM. Now VMware SRM 8.3 adds support for vVol-driven failover workflows for Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity! Yaaaaayyy….

HPE Nimble Storage are a proud day-0 launch partner for Site Recovery Manager with vVols – the only vendor to do so:

We have validated & tested these workflows of SRM 8.3 with NimbleOS and above.

You can read about the new SRM 8.3 & vVols integration here.

There’s a great blog on the VMware website here which details the great work our engineering teams have done together for VVols & more specifically the Site Recovery Manager integration.

In the coming weeks i’ll look to play around with some of the new features for future blogs 🙂

Official notification on HPE Infosight

3 thoughts on “Nimble Storage & vSphere 7 Support

  1. Great article! Do we know if the Nimble dHCI platform will support vSphere 7.0?

    1. Hello and thanks! It already does support vSphere 7 (check the Infosight Validated Config Matrix) should a customer want to upgrade – but the Compute Nodes are still shipping on vSphere 6.7 today.

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