HPE Infosight AI-Ops Enhancements for Nimble Storage – April 2020

Overnight last night the wizards at HPE Infosight updated the SaaS cloud platform for some interesting new enhancements for our HPE Nimble Storage customers. There will be formal videos & press releases on these new features shortly – however I wanted to quickly show what some of those excellent enhancements are via this blog.

For many, many years – HPE Infosight has been the world leader in full-stack predictive analytics; solving millions of hours of pain & potential issues for our customers through AI-Operations and machine learning characteristics.

Staggeringly, we now augment over 1,200 TRILLION datapoints from our installed base of customer platforms around the world – and for each customer Infosight on average has proactively protected them almost 6 months of P1 or P2 support issues, outages or problems – without a problem ever being detected. Mindblowing stuff.

It’s a term we like to refer to as INOCULATION – which is where prevention of an issue proactively is better than cure after a widespread issue has hit. I’m sure we can all relate to that during the global pandemic of COVID-19, where we’re actively hunting a vaccination for the virus to proactively protect humans from contracting it.

AI-Based Recommendations – At Your Fingertips

On the main Operational page for your Nimble systems within HPE Infosight, you’ll now be welcomed with a new area – where the platform has used AI driven signatures based on sensory analytics of your platforms to relate to the Performance tab (which you see on the left of the screen). Essentially now the Infosight analytics are pulling through what we think potentially could be impacting performance or a problem on the platform and we’re giving you guidence on how to resolve those potential issues – in easy to digest english terminology (no technical mumbo jumbo 🙂 )

It’s possible to snooze these recommended actions for a period of time, if that’s what you’re wanting to do.

Clicking into the storage pool in question – we can now get a deeper analysis of the performance profile of the platform, as well as get deeper contextual recommendations not just of the system, but diving into which potential volumes or objects are causing contention or issues within your system which you have to take action on! Cool huh!

We can demand these recommendations be run/applied over the past week, or if we need to dive into something there and then, we can demand the last 24 hours worth of stats – as HPE Infosight analytics now runs in near-real time.

In this instance we have a healthy hybrid flash Nimble array (with some excellent data reduction to boot!), however we do have a single volume which is driving extremely high sequential throughput, which is causing contention on other volumes.

Now, this might be ok for you, and you’re happy for that to happen as it’s an expected workload… but what IF the application you’re running doesn’t do this much sequential IO? This might be complete news to you, and you had no idea that your app is driving that much throughput – so much so that you need to speak with the app owner, or developer.

You could also take corrective action – such as QoS – to restrict the throughput of this volume to ensure fair share with other workloads.

The upshot here is you now have much granular and real-world analytics & recommendations at your fingertips to not just see what is a potential problem, but what the real fix to the problem is. And this might not be a storage problem – it could be a VM, host, network, compute or even application problem. Having visibility across the full stack of environmentals (including VMs and Apps) is key to running a high performance private cloud – without needing to hire an army of engineers to maintain, tune and fix it.

Surely everyone does this?

No! That’s where you’re wrong. Whilst lots of other infrastructure & cloud vendors talk a good game about providing a “cloud platform for monitoring” – HPE Infosight consistently goes hundreds of steps further in predictively fixing your issues whilst you sleep better at night. Make no mistake – there is no other platform on the market available today which does everything that HPE Infosight gives you – no matter what marketing spin is put on it 🙂

How do I get this?

It’s available NOW for free for all HPE Nimble Storage customers with an active support contact at HPE Infosight.

Show me a demo!

AI Recommendations Demo – Courtesy of Youtube
Cross-stack AI Recommendations for VMware – Again, courtesy of Youtube

But wait, there’s more!

Just wanted to call this out – HPE Infosight is WAAAAAY more than just Nimble goodness. We do AI-Ops and analytics for pretty much the entire HPE portfolio now – Compute (Proliant & Synergy) HCI (Simplivity & Nimble dHCI) AND other storage products – Primera, StoreOnce and 3PAR. This is open and available to all that have an active support contract with HPE.

What’s coming next?

LOTS of cool stuff – but you might have to wait a couple more months for that 😉

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