HPE Infosight – Unified Tenancy & Single Organisational Management

This is a welcome enhancement to the HPE Infosight SaaS platform for all our customers – it’s now possible to consolidate & merge your HPE technologies into a single tenancy (called organisations) for simplistic views, administration & troubleshooting of your infrastructure..

How did we get here?

As we all know, HPE Infosight was something developed by Nimble Storage, and was a key part of the billion-dollar Nimble acquisition by HPE back in 2017. Since then, Engineering have been on the warpath, building and integrating as much of the HPE portfolio into Infosight as possible… and with some of the products this involved starting completely from scratch; building AI-Ops collectors, SaaS analysis & Machine Learning characteristics to spot and resolve problems for that technology.

The downside to the “work fast break things” mentality was that every HPE product built and integrated into Infosight essentially became it’s own management silo. Nimble, 3PAR, Servers, Simplivity etc had to be managed in different “organisations”, and created isolation in the way things could be viewed and managed. This creates complexity for user admins who need to troubleshoot & manage a suite of technologies in a single datacenter or customer.

Infosight Cloud Platform, with isolated technologies integrated

Stop Managing Products, Start Managing Sites

Now more than ever, IT operations need global visibility & ease of consumption to understand potential problems across entire datacenter or project views. With a global pandemic & furlough aftereffects still waging war on businesses, it’s becoming increasingly harder to remotely troubleshoot, triage and resolve problems across a full infrastructure – whilst not being able to physically get to a datacenter or office to tinker.

With the latest HPE Infosight SaaS release, customers are now able to merge their disparate product-defined organisations, and start managing HPE technologies as a single entity – such as a site, project or application.

Unified tenancy of your HPE portfolio within Infosight

Unifying the tenancy of HPE products is a great step ahead for our customers, allowing them to troubleshoot problems or potential issues across servers, storage, HCI/dHCI within a single suite of views. Furthermore – this is all self-service; customers are able to jump into Infosight today and perform this work themselves.

Let’s do it!

Logging into HPE Infosight as an administrator, you’ll notice a little green dot by your organisation name at the top.

This is indicating that you have new features within your organisation to consume – you can create new or merge orgs, rename or add descriptions, or even delete old organisations you don’t use anymore. There’s a nice “tour” to introduce you to the new features.

Now it’s possible to consolidate your products into singular organisational structures. These are the steps to take:

  1. Designate an organisation you wish to be your “master”
    • Note: if you have a Nimble array, you will want that to be your master based on the backend support automation Infosight does.
  2. Logged into the organisation as an administrator, go to the Organisation view.
  3. Rename the organisation to something more applicable.
    • Something like “Company Name – Site/Project/App name
  4. Click the “button” to merge groups together…
  5. Done!
Renaming, creating, merging and deleting organisations
Choosing the source & target for merging organisations

As you can see above, merging organisations will merge all systems, users & system claim tokens into the single, target tenant. The process will delete the old tenant after the merge is completed.

And here we go, I now have a consolidated view within Infosight for site wide Compute, dHCI, Primera, Nimble, StoreOnce, RMC, Hyper-V & VMware driven AI-Ops!

Troubleshooting & resolving a wide range of HPE technology in a single unified view

Hope you found this useful… this is a good step in the direction of autonomous infrastructure AI-Ops for datacentres…. Stay tuned for more developments in the coming months!



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