Nimble dHCI Technical Webinar Series – On-Demand Now!

The summer is typically a time where people take some time off, relax, go on holiday/vacation – and if you’re anything like me – research new technology & ideas. However, due to the COVID situation, not many people are travelling or managing to get away…. but the itch for learning something new and exciting still remains.

Therefore we at HPE Storage decided to run a series of crisp 30 minute public webinars over the summer focusing on one of our hottest technologies – Nimble dHCI (Disaggregated HCI).

Hopefully it goes without saying that these are free for everyone to join, and are designed to give technical know-how and ideas to all – customers, partners & internal HPE staff (and i’m sure a few competitive vendors too!).

If you missed a webinar don’t fret! They will all be available online to watch back on-demand on

Update: All sessions have now been completed, and are available to watch on-demand here:

Session 1: A Brief Technical Intro to Nimble dHCI

Session 2: Transform your Proliant Servers with Nimble dHCI

Session 3: Achieving True Hybrid Cloud with Nimble dHCI

Session 4: Intelligent 1-Click Upgrades

Session 5: Demystifying Containers & Kubernetes with Nimble dHCI

Session 6: Protection From Downtime & Data Loss with Nimble dHCI & Veeam

Session 7: Nimble dHCI & VMware vVols: Stop Managing Storage, Start Managing Apps

I hope you managed to join us on these sessions throughout the summer, if not you enjoyed the on-demand recordings!

If you have any ideas for other webinar topics you’d like to see, please throw them in the comments box below 🙂

Cheers for now!


2 thoughts on “Nimble dHCI Technical Webinar Series – On-Demand Now!

  1. Hi!

    I missed session 4 (Save Time, Money & Headaches with 1-Click Intelligent Lifecycle Upgrades). Any word on where I can find this to watch on-demand?

    1. Hi Per!

      I’ve been off on hols for a few weeks – but i’ve just updated the blog with links to on-demand videos for week 3, 4 and 5 now. Hope you enjoy them!

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