Public Presentation Recordings

I’ll be keeping this page updated with all the public presentations / video content i’ve created.

VMworld 2018: Presenting HPE Storage for VMware environments – showcasing VVols, HPE Cloud Volumes & Cross-Stack VM Analytics (2018):

VMworld 2018: VMware panel session discussing VVols in the “real world”, with considerations, use cases and gotchas (2018):

VMworld 2017: Replicating VMware VVols: A technical deep dive into VVol array based replication in vSphere 6.5 (STO3305BES)

Tech Field Day: Presenting NimbleStorage App Defined Storage along with VMware VVols (2016):

Live Webinar: NimbleStorage & VMware VVols + Live Demo (2016):

vBrownBag: Joint VVols Presentation with Cormac Hogan (@cormacjhogan) at VMworld Europe (2014):